What do you think about pets and mounts with breedable skills?

What if you couldnt simply buy.a pet or mount. What if you had to go out into the wild weaken an animal or sneak up on it, tie it down and tame it.

What if you could find eggs or young animals not just adults.
Youd have to defeat the.mother animal first of course.

What if pets and mounts could have a max of 4 skills. Wild adult animals would have 4 skills. Young animals 2. These skills would be determined by the type of animal and what it can learn but the skills of each individual will be random.

A grown orox.might have claw attack, horn attack, roar, and charge. The skills of the adult wont change. However when you catch and breed two orox the child will have 2 skills from each parent when it grows up. Pets and mounts with the best skills would be the most valuable to use or to breed with.

Thus the breeder profession is.born.

Pets and mounts would be tradeable. very rarely it would be possible to get a pet that can learn a player character skill. What if your pet could learn to heal?
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