What Everquest lore and friendships mean

Some of you have seen this video.

Because of the formatting issues I cannpt embed the video directly (read below for an explanation)


It is legendary in Everquest circles. It is from a guild called "Mirage" who were well known for their success, tight-knit cameraderie and entertaining videos like "Have You Seen My Corpse?".

I did not make this video, I just hosted a copy of of it I had kept for many years. Mirage moved on to EQ2 and then (I think) dissolved. I also never knew the members of Mirage – they were on a different server.

I could not post this (yet) on to Youtube. The problem is that it is written as a Flash video with some menu interaction and, converting it to a Youtube friendly format like MOV or AVI or MPG screws up the frames.

You will need to download and watch it. Its totally safe to download – its just a video.

Please watch this. In my decade-and-a-half as a Norrathian, I have never seen anything that more clearly delivers the intensity of feelings that Everquest carries. I think this is one of the most important legacies of any Everquest guild or players.

I share it here because we’ve been arguing with very raw emotions over the lore of Everquest Next and whether we fully embrace or fully shun the direction of the new Norrath, whether Tunare dies on the floor of Kithicor or rises to create the elves, whether Dwarves are from Kaladim ar Akashidak what I want is an experience that evokes as much as this video does.

Watch the video.

This. This is everything I yearn for,

EverQuest Next

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