What EverQuest Next locations would you like to learn more about?

Blog by Jeff Butler, Creative Director

In last week’s Roundtable question, Moorgard asked what characters you would like to learn more about in our upcoming EverQuest Next novellas and short stories. The stories we have released to date are centered on the historical era known as the Dragon War. With each new release our authors unveil more lore and details about the people, places, and events of the Dragon War. We hope that you have enjoyed what you read, and would like to hear which places have captured your imagination or deserve more time in the spotlight.

Please keep in mind that while the names might be familiar to you, each of these locations has been reimagined for EverQuest Next. With that reimagining comes new and interesting details for even veteran EQ and EQ2 players to learn. It is our hope that your knowledge of these areas and their story will factor into your experience when EverQuest Next launches, and that exploring these locales firsthand will be made that much more enjoyable.

So please let us know which of these prominent locations you would like to see featured in our upcoming stories about Norrath. We chose four areas for the poll question, but feel free to suggest other locations by posting in this thread. We are looking forward to sharing the upcoming stories with you, and hearing what you think!
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