Whats the Next Workshop after Halas?

Due to we have received no word yet on the Next Workshop, or the next update, or the Next time we will have a meeting, or a Live stream in general…I figured since I’m bored and have nothing to work on at this time for DBG I’d simply post and ask the community what do you think the next competition will be about? What would you like to see and why?

For me I have a mix of a few I think it might be:

Dwarf is of course obvious cause we have files and we have seen actual concept drawings since the Ogre vote.

Freeport: I would think at some point is going to be done. It is in the Lore and concept of some maps as well as it has a long standing History in the Franchise.

Iksar: we have had some character model concepts and lot of rumor of them, but are they really important for the launch of the game?

HighKeep: a Mountain city/fortress controlled my humans between Freeport and Qeynos although that path with a rift between the two cities might not be as crucial…we won’t know until there is an actual official map of the land mass or some lore comes out or info from the devs.. Another reason for this one is we actually have props in the game with HighKeep as part of there name. Until you look at your files, you would not have known this may be possible since most of what we need is already there, but we need a style guide:

Halfling: we know the little guys are around cause they help make freeport and we have seen some concept drawings. So will Rivervale exist and will we help make some of those Halfling homes?

As far as some of the other races we have no clue at this time and most likely would come later for an expansion.

Rumor of some competitions would be for : Giants, Dragons, or even some shrines, temples for deities/gods of Norrath.

Dark Elf redo I think will be later cause it is toward the end near launch time, so if you see this one you should get really excited.

Of course after they get what they want and need if they had a place we could tag and send templates in the future we would continue making some of everything and they continue to get new buildings. Of course the same can be said if we get AI/Quest or Lore style tools where we can come up with unique stories and quests for people to do as well. We can only dream of what Landmark could become as it has the potential to be the best thing ever made to assist other games creation/birth.

So what do you think we will build and which would you like to see next for the land of Next?
EverQuest Next

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