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Blog by Alan Smithee, Game Designer

Welcome to another wonderful edition of the Round Table Blog. We are very pleased to be able to write to you all today and give you some juicy details about one of the classes we are planning for EverQuest Next. As many of you are aware we announced details about our class system as well as some of our classes in 2013 at SOELive. Since then, there hasn’t been much information about other new classes and we thought it was time to spill a few details about a class that we are extremely excited about.

The Booteneer specializes in what we refer to internally as “Kung-Foot” combat. They are able to fight in both the single boot or dual boot styles and the footgear that a Booteneer uses defines both their fighting style and their available abilities. Among player choices are the quick movement and sweeping attacks of the Wing-Tip, the vicious ambush attacks of the Stiletto or the rapid pounding strikes of the Clog. The Booteneer is also able to mix and match types of their weapons to create devastating combos such as the terrifying “Socks with Thongs” build which stuns opponents while they try to figure out what you were thinking. Powerful Booteneers can find and equip unique footgear such as The Cleats of Doom, Irontoes’s Irontoes and The Tap Shoes of Repetition. Pretty sweet, right?

Have no fear lore buffs, the Booteneer is firmly grounded in EverQuest Next Lore as well. The Order of the Rowdy Sole traces its origins back to just before the cataclysmic Ashfall when an elite force of cobblers banded together and turned the tide of the Great Aglet War where they single handedly defeated an entire legion of savage Espadrilles on the Talaria Steppes. This story and the many other amazing exploits of the Order will be detailed in future short stories and novellas.

We hope that you have enjoyed these details about one of our favorite classes and please remember to watch for the next blog where we will detail another of our fabulous classes!
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