why are there no evil gods?

title says it all. I have been peeking at this game every now and then as an avid EQ lover of years and I found something that concerned me.

There are no evil gods? why? I get this is a reboot and they are doing things like making darkelves not created by Innoruk and they aren’t evil, but all the unique gods of EQ always made the game feel full of life and fun to many of us.

First trolls now this? maybe I’m wrong is it true that all the gods are "neutral or good cookie cutter" or were the evil gods like bertoxx and innoruk just not mentioned?

Having these gods to fear and constantly tormenting norrath is what made norrath such a dangerous and fun place to be. Is it possible it could be written in later or is it set in stone? The game is just starting to look like Everquest in name only if it doesn’t include the original races or some of peoples favorite deities. So much penitential is lost on this like planes avatar raids and random cults found that you could choose to follow or destroy.
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