DotMMO Network Reviews Mythic Saga

DotMMO is pleased to make a review coverage of Mythic Saga, a Chinese style browser MMORPG released a couple of days ago.

Below is excerpt from DotMMO:

Mythic Saga is a carefully designed game. The developer’s creativity and focus on details are obvious in the varied scenes, finely-crafted scenes, always changing in-game weather, simple and handy clarified quest tracking system and a lot more. But the general gameplay is just dull.


As in most other browser RPG games, it is hard to get the higher levels in Mythic Saga and it is much harder to complete jobs of higher levels. Another unpleasant experience I had is for example, you must buy advanced items or mounts in order to be attractive or powerful. That is all determined by the money not the real trick. But generally speaking, it is an interesting browser game.

From What Online

The completely immersive world of Mythic Saga is deep and rich in content and it is based on the tales of Asian gods and goddesses in the times of old. The graphics, art style, and world design are all cutting-edge. The playability combined with the beautiful graphics will create new and unique experiences that will have you craving for more!

From Xbrowser

To sum up, Mythic Saga brings very limited innovative features, and the seemingly nice soundtrack may be annoying if overheard. With ordinary artwork and old school gameplay, the game may not be a good choice for those hardcore gamers who loved playing WoW, or DotA.


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