Odin Quest Open Beta Launched

YouJoy has announced the open beta of Odin Quest and the first no-wipe server is live now. As of press time, Odin Quest has secured 1000 registered users within 1 hour.

Odin Quest is a free 2D browser-based MMORPG where you choose your favorite class in quests for monster loots, crafting materials, and equipment and armor. The game sets the way similar to Soul of Guardian in terms of super fast levelup, story-driven progression and fantasy style graphics, while Odin Quest attempts to put itself in a position of being an utterly unique experience with mount and pet system that rewards players even in the very early stage of their level.

With five classes: Warrior, Mage, Priest, Hunter, Assassin and ten characters (both genders), Odin Quest bridges the gap of the traditional 4 classes, more new classes to be in progress.

Unlike YouJoy’s previous games like Call of Gods and DDTank, Odin Quest presents itself in a real time way players can compete against monsters and others in totally animated scenes. You do not need to build your house, nor train your troops. The only way to win is to upgrade your heroes as well as equipment and gears.

Speaking of the missions and dungeons that you have to master, you could also make friends at your spare time, and probabaly you will have a chance to become a leader of an alliance if you have enough reputation across the server.

We are also hosting gift key giveaway, if you are interested in this game. Please visit our forum and leave your information, we will send you key manually.

Source: http://www.dotmmo.com/odin-quest-the-first-open-beta-server-launches-11870.html

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