Absolute Force Online

Absolute Force Online is a free to play MMOFPS that is built with Unreal 3 Engine, providing crisp graphics and smoothly animated actions. The game is developed by China-based NetDragon, the company behind 2D MMOs like Conquer Online, and Eudemons Online.


The conflict between Fallen Angels and Justice Hand has spread beyond havoc beyond Afghan, Somalia and even the entire modern world. And the human beings are facing unprecedented crisis of being surviving, not mention to living a peaceful life. With the failure of more and more experiments, there appears to cause more problems to the human world, bringing new mutant creatures into life and making devastation to the already-disordered world.

Absolute Force Online was firstly presented at GamesCom 2011 and the internal beta was released for only invited players. In the demo version, players will be able to obtain plenty of weapons and experience a few maps.

As in most of MMOFPS games, Absolute Force Online also gives players a few options to customize their avatars, equipment and armor, which could largely enhance their battlefield attack and bring different visual looks.

Speaking of combat, there is a featured campaign mode for co-op play in which players can team up to battle zombies and mutant creatures.


Absolute Force Online review is not available until it is fully released, but judging from its gameplay video and screenshots and NetDragon’s previous game experiences, we are assuming the game is not that engaging.

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