Aeria Games Announces Soldier Front 2

Aeria Games, a publisher behind MMO games like Scarlet Blade, and Wartune, has announced a new sequel to the original MMOFPS Soldier Front. The teaser site and trailer are now available. Click Here .


Aeria Games currently publishes the original Soldier Front, which has garnered a very large and active community since its inception. Soldier Front 2 aims to build on that even more, featuring gorgeous graphics running on the Unreal Engine 3, a diversity of strategic team combat modes, and an unprecedented level of realism. The game also has an expertly designed learning curve, making it easy for beginners to learn while maintaining a high level of competition for veteran players.

One of Soldier Front 2’s defining characteristics is the sheer amount of variety in gameplay, progression, and customization. A large amount of team combat modes, including a unique MOBA-style scenario, provide many options for players to mix up their experiences between matches. There is also an intense co-op mode pitting players against waves of encroaching aliens.

“Aeria is always looking to expand its player base with the best free-to-play games on the market, and Soldier Front 2 is a prime example of that,” said Tom Nichols, Director of Publishing, Aeria Games. “This is an exceptional first-person shooter for new and experienced players alike, and sets a very high standard for graphical quality and competitive gameplay in the MMOFPS genre.”

An achievement system is built into the game for the players who love completing optional objectives to rack up achievement points. In addition, weapons and gear can be customized as players progress further in the game to alter their appearance, allowing players to further distinguish themselves on the battlefield.

To sign up for closed beta at

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