Age of Wars: Magic and Power

Age of Wars: Magic and Power is a free to play mobile strategy game developed by GamEver. In the game, the player builds his or her kingdom by all means, to ultimately conquer other player’s kingdom. The game conforms to the basic rule of what a city-building strategy game offers: players need to upgrade their cityhall to meet requirements of unlocking other buildings like Barrack, Academy, Embassy, etc, and produce resources like Wood, Food, Stone and Gold to research and upgrade buildings, as well as train troops.


Age of Wars: Magic and Power has great potential to become a fun and addictive game, but it is just too often frustrating, tending to prevent one from playing the game smoothly. Yes, it has a lot of bugs and weird errors.

Knowing Age of Wars: Magic and Power is a strategy game, one would possibly have a basic understanding of how to start building their kingdom and how to win the game. For those unfamiliar with such type game, they need to remember one thing: Keep upgrading or Training because the game has all structures located without thinking where to build related buildings.

If there is something different from other strategy games, it might lie in the presentation. At first glance, the game has a varied selection of Avatars to choose from, both genders available and each with a short description. After you choose your Avatar and proceed to play the game, you will be presented a detailed tutorial with a compelling story in between. Every time you accomplish some achievements, you will be rewarded with bonus necessary for next stage’s requirement. The whole experience reminds you of Tencent’s Realm of Swords or Gameloft’s Cosmic Colony, but Age of Wars does not come with a smooth experience and most the times, you will be faced with unresponsive tapping.

Age of Wars: Magic and Power also combines a mechanic of “Wheel of Fortune”, mostly used in strategy games like The Hobbit, Kingdoms Social and many other games. There are two options to win items in the Witch House:  Players need to spend at least 1 Magic Coin to win items and for the advanced items, they will have to spend 10 Magic Coins to play the machine.

The most challenging part in Age of Wars perhaps is the Warfare. After players pass the Three Day’s Newbie Protection, they are able to attack or scout any protection-free player, or directly attack or scout the wild land. On the other hand, players can also join or create a clan to build their might and cooperatively attack other players in different clans.

Overall, Age of Wars: Magic and Power does not give you a surprise, and its familiar gameplay is just poorly devised. Its gender described in the game is incompatible with the real gender you’ve seen and the touchscreen performance more often than not responds with latency, or worse your tapping may cause the game crash.

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