Anno Online Closed Beta Kicks off

Anno Online, a new spin-off of the Anno series, has just entered closed beta.

anno online

Based on Anno 1404, Anno Online is another city-building strategy game into the series but it stands out being browser-based and multiplayer-oriented. It revolves around building and managing one’s own islands. Players collect resources, construct all kinds of buildings and establish their own self-sustaining economy.

Set in the Middle Ages, the game entertains players with the medieval architectures, ancient characters, and the trade route exploring, all that would work perfectly with the theme. It is so natural and necessary to deploy cathedrals, churches, docks and other types of facilities on the territories.

The cities, or to be exact, islands, provide different resources and to achieve a balanced development, players need to trade with others for the ones missing in their islands, or if they prefer, resort to violence and colonize others’ territories. Specializing on one sector while ignoring others will not be a good idea since the civilians might start uprisings when their various growing needs are not satisfied.

The game has already been in open beta in Germany but its closed beta of the English version was just launched on April 23.

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