Arcane Hearts

Arcane Hearts is a new browser-based MMORPG from Z8Games. It is free to play and features real time combat. It has a medieval fantasy setting where magic abounds. The human and Elim races have always struggled with each other and it is no different now — the bloodbath of war is about to begin.


Long ago, the Elims desired power and plotted to eliminate the human race. The Elims had protected the continent of Eldline for ages before the humans settled in and pushed the Elims to its outer borders. The humans learned of the Elims’ mysterious power and wanted it for themselves. As a punishment, the Elims began appearing in the dreams of humans and tormented them there.

The king of the Elims approached the king of the humans, Belkaroid, in order to negotiate peace. Belkaroid took the opportunity to kill the Elim king. Afterward, the humans invaded the Elim’s homeland, took them as captives, and stole their powers. In response, the Elims kidnapped Belkaroid’s baby daughter. Like any father, he tried to locate her at any cost. Unable to find her, he became tyrannical and slaughtered every Elim he could track down.

The Elims planted their seed in the king’s daughter and she became a human-Elim hybrid. She was brainwashed to become the queen of the Elims and now that she has grown, the Elims are ready to follow her into war against the humans. The humans rose up against Belkaroid and he was eventually slain by his subordinates. His death marked the beginning of the dark ages and the impending threat of war only makes matters worse. It is sure to be a very tumultuous time indeed.

Players will be able to play as warriors, mages, or shamans. Warriors can equip a wide variety of weaponry and defensive gear. They will destroy enemies with raw power and protect friends. Mages are masters of the dark arts and can slay many enemies at once with their magic powers. Mages have the largest attack range and can sling spells with fire, water, wind, or earth attributes. Shamans are highly attuned to nature and are the most versatile class. They are able to attack enemies up close or from far away as well as help their allies by healing and buffing them. Shamans employ nature-based magic such as the ability to summon Dart Trees or hit enemies with Thunderbolts.

Arcane Hearts asks players to journey to the past and reclaim their souls. As players engage in real-time combat to progress their characters, they will dive into dungeons, complete quests, and advance through skill trees. Players can join each other in guilds, PVP, and sieges. Even though it is played in your browser, it is a full-fledged MMORPG that is packed with content.


Arcane Hearts coming soon.

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