Ark of the Ages

Ark of the Ages is a 3D turn-based RPG available on Android devices. In the game, you role play as a knight to adventure through various magical dungeon towers to battle against monsters and improve your abilities to grow your character.


On the western coast of the continent, away from the main roads, is the fisherman’s village Emile.

Within this village, long forgotten by history, lies an ancient ruin of disproportionate size. A 1000 years ago, when the almighty Gurtvar Kingdom flourished throughout the continent, a giant tower was built by the powerful wizard Solientes to commemorate its prosperity.

Seeking what may remain of Solientes’ belongings within the tower, adventurers visit the desolate fisherman’s village. You are a new knight and assigned a new post. Accompanying a senior Knight, Sir Thane, on his mission to deal with the troubles in Emile Village should be welcome break from the boredom of daily guard duty in the Royal City.

Your official orders from the Grand Master Read as follows:

“Though the village is far from the center of our kingdom, opportunities to test your mettle are only found in such locations. There have been many reports of incidents there, and plenty of room to make a name for yourself.”

The village gethers numerous adventurers, but it is up to our Royal Order to save the villagers from their plight. Doing your best to address their issues should be a good place to start. I will have further assignments for you once you have proven your true worth.”


You should start proving your worth by helping the villagers. We at DotMMO are playing this game, and the full review will be coming soon.

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