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Atlas Raider is based on a discovery and movement system. Your objective is to try and advance from one part of the board to the next by unlocking gates until you ultimately reach each of the 13 crystal skulls. Speak to the locals to accept missions, construct buildings, plant and harvest crops and learn more about the land that you’re in. Players will run into characters that are playable along the way as well as wild encounters with local animals on this exciting yet dangerous journey. Play with your friends to help each other out and find lost treasures in the process.

atlas raider

Game Features:

Activating Totems – Totems require Relic Skulls to activate. You can earn Relic Skulls by discovering new board spaces, visiting friends, and completing missions.

Discovering New Spaces – All board spaces are locked. When you land on one, it becomes discovered. Once discovered, the spaces can be selected to land on anytime they fall within your dice roll. More discovered spaces mean more choices in landing wherever you want. Each discovered space will reward players with a Relic Skull.

Treasure Chests – Completing certain missions will award you with Treasure Chests. Treasure Chests require certain tool items to unlock that players can earn by moving about on the board. You can also purchase tools in the Shop or ask your friends to gift them.

Character Collection – Earn character cards during gameplay to unlock usable board characters. Each character card displays certain attributes that will prove useful in your journey to locate the 13 crystal skulls. Try to collect them all if you can!

Construction Jobs – During gameplay you may sometimes have to help villagers construct buildings (some will take multiple visits/steps to complete and some will require a friend’s assistance to complete) in exchange for rewards and information.

Farm Jobs – Sometimes you will be asked by characters in the game to help them with their farming duties by planting and harvesting crops on dedicated farming plots throughout the map in exchange for rewards and information. Harvesting crops will take a certain amount of time to complete.

Wild Encounters – Certain board spaces are inhabited by wild creatures that you will encounter and must fight against. Use different types of weapons to increase your chances of winning. Weapons can be earned during play, purchased directly from the shop or received as gifts from friends. If you lose a wild encounter it will cost you -1 energy.

My Comics – Unlock beautiful illustrated comic pages during play to piece together the intriguing story of Atlas Raider. Comics are earned by unlocking new sections of the board map. There are also exclusive/special comics that players can unlock during play. You’ll want to collect them all!

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