AVP: Evolution Review

AVP: Evolution ( or Alien vs. Predator: Evolution ) is a science fiction horror game available on both iOS and Android devices. The game allows the player to choose two species: Alien and Predator and each follows a different path to complete story-driven missions.

Instead of choosing Alien or Predator to determine what role you take on at the beginning of the game, you must compete three Predator Missions to learn the basics of the game before you are able to unlock the Alien. In the first mission, you are a captured jungle hunter predator who are forced into the Temple Arena and will serve as a test of the super predators’ control over the Aliens. During your first mission, you will learn basic controls and attack a few enemies that try to get close to you. In your second mission, your goal is not to attack aliens, but to find the escape pod and evacuate. You may perform some actions to break or unlock gate using your wrist blades that are picked up along the way.

When you’ve finished first three Predator Missions, the Alien Mission will be unlocked. You begin your journey as a facehugger placed in an incubator and after you get out of the incubator, you need to find the exit out of the research lab. Unlike Predator, facehugger can transform into chestburster before eventually growing into a mature Alien.

AVP: Evolution is a visual triumph for horror genre lovers. It is technically built using the Unity 3D engine, offering a catastrophic and terrifying experience presented in 3D. Some missions put you a realistic feel of quaking on-screen as if you were on the spot.

Upon the completion of a mission, your achievement will be recorded. For example, in the second Predator mission, I lost my way to escape and finally get out after a long rest. In this mission, I spent 5 minutes and performed 3 executions and earned some honor and bonus points.

Although I only completed three Predator missions and three Alien Missions with less than 1 hour in this review, I enjoyed the game with its character-growth story path and unpredictable brawling with a sci-fi alien genre.

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