Baseball Superstar 2013

Baseball Superstar 2013 is a mobile baseball game where gamers start from rookie to super star by training new players, doing quests, and challenging other players.

The game bears some similarities with a Faebook game called Baseball Heroes in terms of graphics and gameplay while it is specifically optimized for mobile devices.


Fashionable baseball professionals, challenging matches, plural upgrading means make Baseball Superstar 2013 a top game of its kind.

The Good: Vivid graphics; real human voice; challenging game play; interesting dialogue.
The Bad: Always the same boring music; lack of guidance; a lot of micropayments.

Thousands of Shanghai Blue Dragon baseball fans are cheering frenziedly in the grand three-storied stadium; the huge scoreboard is constantly illuminating; all the players in my team are ready and alert in their positions; the pitcher has lowered his head, and swung to his left side, ready for a pitch; the coach is shouting in a tough and encouraging voice: hit the ball! Now, it is coming! A curve ball! What a sly pitcher. But this is just the time for me to shine. Always at these moments, the whole court becomes very quiet and seems to have only two existences, the ball and me. I see the ball following the line I have anticipated, and with a sure and steady hand, I give the ball a forceful hit. Yes! Not a homer, of course. You don’t easily get one. But it is just goes the right and familiar direction for our team.

This is just one of the many exciting moments in Baseball Superstar 2013. You would be very wrong if you think it as another ordinary and mediocre SPG that anyone could easily gain the last level if he/she is willing to spend the time. Trust me, you need to know the rules! Otherwise you are out very easily after 3 strikes! At least, that’s what happened to me when I first played this game. But even if you know nothing at the present stage, don’t worry, you have enough assistance from your dedicated coach and friends and the beautiful female manager to fine-tune your skills. Even as a newbie, you have the potential to evolve into a baseball superstar!

As veteran baseball gamers might know, Baseball Superstar 2013 is a new member of the baseball superstar series, for which Gamevil is well-known. This title sees a lot of changes and polish, including improvements in graphics, modes, and different settings. Detailed and vivid artwork of high-definition will attract your attention the minute you enter the interface. Fashionable and professional helmets, gloves and team shirts together with customizable hair color and costumes will surely appeal to you if you are a perfectionist who wants his characters to be unique and brilliant in every way. What’s more, the indignant facial expression of your coach, the what-is-wrong-with-him protest on the face of your friends and the sweet smiles from your female manager will all add interests to your gaming experience.

When it comes to skill improvement, you have a lot of choices to hone your skills simply by lightly touching the box of “starting the game”. You can choose between My Batter and My Pitcher modes according to your preference. You also need to join a team, and multiple choices are available for you. A scoreboard will show you where you team stands in the rank, including the level, times of victory and time of defeats etc. What comes next is the information about pitchers and batters candidates, including their EXP, type (skill-oriented/traditional), equipments, costumes, effects prop, skills etc. But still you need to go through some other procedures, including a store board showing you the goods you might be interested in, including hit, pow, run, MT, Bat All etc. What comes next is the downloading progress bar, which comes together with a hint of strategy you might want to adopt or a useful skill. Finally you enter the real scene, where you can show your skills! Make use of all the tricks you know on this merciless field to safeguard your glory, be it Line Drive, Base Hit, Bunt, Hit and Run or DPB (double play bat), sluggling, TP (triple play), home run or grand slam! You are not fighting alone as your busty manager will constantly pep you up, and you friends and coach will also not stint on their constructive advice. When you make a beautiful bat or a nice pitch, you are sure to win the hearted applause from your devoted fans. After nine innings, the result of the game will be released. The coach will give you a comment on your performance. If you are lucky to win the game, you will be awarded with EXP (experience point) and G (gold) and so on, which are so very helpful to your skill enhancement and character customization.

Away from the game field, you have many other options to improve. With your gold and EXP, You can go to the store to buy skills and costumes, or you may want to come to the training center, where you sometimes can find yourself surprisingly gaining a new level and awarded with gold and some other benefits. Then you can draw lots from four “PLAYER LEVEL UP CARDs” to get extra rewards. There is also a PvP arena for you where you can compete online with gamers around the world. And also you can go to the improvement hall to add a certain amount of points to your Hit, Power, Run, or Mental. Or if you think you are capable enough, you can choose to challenge some AI players and win extra gold if you are lucky to win.

The real voice dubbed by voice actors and the amazing acoustics in the game are also among the highlights of this game. Besides, you can share your opinions, glories and blues with your friends on the social network embedded in this game.

But with all that said, there are still a lot of points not so satisfactory. For instance, for beginners without much baseball experience, no specific and detailed guidance is available for their reference, making some lose interest too soon. As music is important for sports games to light up the fiery atmosphere of matches, the music in this game is not so exciting and diverse, and I find myself easily bored after 4 or 5 matches, listening to the same piece of music. For the social network, you have to pay the game currency to use, which gravely reduces the fun for those who don’t want to pay. Actually not only the social network, a lot of really crucial skills and powers are made exclusive to paid members. Last but not the least, if you want to play the game, you have too much cliché and useless process to pass before you can enter the real match!

All in all, for baseball fanatic lovers, Baseball Superstar 2013 is a blast with its cinematic graphics, realistic acoustics, exciting competitions and matches, but honestly you need to pay to enjoy a lot of unique and really catching experience in this game.

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