Battle Dragons

Battle Dragons is a free to play strategy game from Spacetime Games, the maker of Dark Legends and Arcane Legends. The game is a lot like’s Jungle Heat,’s Clash of lords, or Gameloft’s Total Conquest, all of which are inspired from Supercell’s Clash of Clans. Your primary goal is to collect resources, raise your army, and build your own village with a lot of attacking other villages peppered in.


The game starts with the Elder Dragon teaching you how to play. If you have played any of the aforementioned games, then you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. The only difference is the names of the resources that you collect. In Battle Dragons you want to collect sheep and Gold. Without these items you will not possess the specific upgrades that will make you a better player.

Basically, you enter enemy lands and fight against their defenses in order to receive more resources. By completing levels you will be able to move on to more difficult encampments, which will give you more resources.

Battle Dragons focuses less on completing quests, and more on the multiplayer functions in the game. There is no other game of the genre with as much necessary interaction between players as this one. It makes for some really interesting gameplay. If you enter a tribe, they are able to give you troops or resources when you need them. Tribe members can also lend you speed boosts, amongst other things. This makes playing alone on your phone just a little more social.

Other than joining a tribe you can battle it out in the PvP arena. This is where you enter the town of another player and try to take their resources as your own. This is an extremely fun part of the game because a real player will have more resources to steal, but their defenses will be much better.

Strategy in Battle Dragons is everywhere. From what units you want to place on the battle field to what building you want to upgrade. Every move you make has to be planned out. If you use up too much of your sheep on upgrades then you will not be able to produce the units you need to attack.

Though all strategy and waiting get reduced significantly if you are willing to pay some actual money for Pearls. Pearls will allow you to construct buildings and units faster. They will also buy extraordinary amounts of resources for you if you run out. They are very useful, but they can get a bit pricy if you are not looking at what you are spending.

I don’t know about you, but having to wait in real time for upgrades is not the best way to play games. In Battle Dragons you have to think pretty far in advance. If I want to take down an enemy village I have to think a day in advance what units I need to produce, and what I upgrades I need in order to produce those units. It got hard to want to play on those days where all you are setting up is a battle you will not be able to do until the next day, because some upgrades are really long.

The campaign in this game does get very, if not too, difficult if you don’t want to spend real money. By the fifth level I found myself having to wait for hours in order to gather up enough sheep to build the units that I need to build. Luckily my tribe was able to help me out with the units that I needed, but if they hadn’t, it would have been hours before I could continue with the campaign.

Even if you do have the correct composition of units you have to place them in the correct spots on the enemy’s land. If you do not know how each units reacts in a situation you will surely lose. By having the cheap units tank some damage from the towers you will greatly increase your chance for success.

The aesthetics of Battle Dragons does need some work. There are plenty of games in this genre that offer better visuals. Everything is just too small. Both the static and dynamic pieces on playfield are too small to put any detail into, and therefore have none. There is nothing special about how this game looks.

Overall, there is nothing groundbreaking about Battle Dragons. It’s an RTS that wants to suck as much money out of you as they can. Though, they do get the social aspect of this game pretty spot on, that is not enough to salvage it. I would not put any money into this game. It was fun while my resources lasted, but my time is more precious than waiting for my small town to build up enough to just barely achieve victory over the enemy.

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