Battle Dungeon: Risen

Battle Dungeon: Risen is a turn-based strategy game published by Hunted Cow Studios for iOS. It mixes elements of RPG and reminds you of board games.


Battle Dungeon: Risen boasts twelve scenarios and three kinds of characters – warrior, archer and cleric. You can play one role only, or more, which is up to your own choice. Players can have as many as thirty soldiers. Accuracy, awareness, constitution, melee, ranged, sorcery, speed and stealth contribute to a soldier’s overall competence. And these attributes can be improved through battles.

You have to play in order. All the scenarios are unlocked one by one. If you are stuck in the middle, you can never get any clue of what remains in the rest scenarios. The difficulty keeps increasing. Enemies strengthen in lethality and increase in quantity and they may appear abruptly, catching you unprepared. The chess board-like scenarios may shake from time to time, which decreases your attack accuracy. Nevertheless, your soldiers are also getting stronger. In all, the key to successes lies in your strategy. Different characters of varied professions possess unique skills. When you deploy more than one soldier in a battle, you need to weigh the strengths and shortcomings of each of them and form a battle array as formidable as possible.

The visual effect of this game isn’t that appealing. Generally speaking, the scenarios resemble something similar to a floating chess board. But they feature an irregularly-shaped small board with certain structures set on it. Players can easily take a clear bird’s-eye view of the whole by pinching the screen with two fingers.

The first scenario is Proving Grounds, which walks you through the basic operations of the game. The ground is “divided” into a large number of colored circles of the same size, which remain invisible until you initiate an action. White circles indicate the locations where you can deploy your soldiers. Usually five circles are available. If you win a battle with fewer soldiers, you will gain more rewards. Green circles indicate the destinations where you can move to. Red circles signify that you can attack the enemy inside instantly. Blue arrows enable you to change your movement direction. You have to select a soldier by tapping the circle around his/her feet before you can make him/her unleash skills.

When a soldier is selected, there will be a bar displaying his/her HP and AP at the bottom of the game screen. AP, short for action points, is very crucial. Each movement and attack consumes a certain amount of AP. If the soldiers run out of it, they won’t be able to perform any action. Below the bar there are six icons for you to use in a battle. The eye icon allows you to view of what your solders can see. The four-pointed arrow enables you to move your soldiers. The curved arrow enables you to change direction. The two following behind indicate a soldier’s skills, varying with each character, and the last one is used to switch from soldier to soldier. Each of these icons plays a substantial role in the gameplay. Moreover, in this turn-based game, you need to tap the End Turn button at the top right corner frequently to let the NPC take actions. As a result, you’ll find your fingers tapping around the screen all the time.

To attack, you first select your soldier, then choose one of his/her skills and later double tap the target within your attack area, highlighted by the red circles. At the beginning of each scenario, a simple storyline is presented to provide you with some information of your task. Also, in each scenario there is a treasure waiting for you. The gold in it enables you to buy new equipments to upgrade your soldiers.

The distance is calculated based on the circles. Soldiers move along a straight line of unoccupied circles and anything or anyone in front of them will block their way. Thus the characters’ movement lacks flexibility in some sense. But attacks are free of such limits. This reminds you of board games.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that all the operations in this game are dependent on the circles. This makes the game less user-friendly. For instance, you have to tap exactly within the red circle at the feet of the enemy to ensure effective attacks. If you only tap on the enemy’s head, you will miss it. Since striking a blow directly at the target gives more authentic fighting experience, such a gameplay setting really impairs players’ gaming experience to some extent.

It is easy to get started with Battle Dungeon: Risen. Despite some minor flaws, this game is quite addictive thanks to its interesting and separate stories encompassed in each scenario as well as the inspiring reward system.

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