Battle Towers

Battle Towers is a real-time strategy tower defense game developed by Outlander Studios behind Equilibrium. Adopting a gameplay similar to the one in Equilibrium, the level-based Battle Towers puts players in battles against enemies from an opposing nation. Players must deploy mercenaries and warriors, construct turrets and cottages, upgrade warriors and buildings, defend against enemies’ waves of attack and destroy their main castle tower.


Structures in the battles can be set up in a few specific spots only. And quick shifts between day and night necessitate your changing strategies accordingly: the warriors are powerful only during the daytime but are too weak to bear enemy attacks during the night, and therefore you have to retreat and prepare for the incoming night raid by the enemy. Upon killing an enemy, you gain some Faith points and with enough Faith points, you could summon special warriors to release powerful attacks and cast spells to heal your structures. A battle ends only after your enemies’ base or yours is destroyed.

The gameplay is just that simple but victory is never easy. For one thing, Battle Towers features a delicate resource management system. With limited food resources, you have to spend wisely on constructions and recruitment, which enhance your defense power, increase your resources, or improve your attacks. Overemphasis on any part either leaves you vulnerable to enemy attacks or unnecessarily slows down the battle process. And it is safe to conclude that only a balanced resource consuming policy and probably a proactive production strategy are the keys to be victorious.

For another thing, Battle Towers isn’t merely about tower defense and destruction. Each level comes with several specific goals and while attempting to destroy the enemy castle, players have to hire a set number of warriors, cast a set number of spells, or finish the combat within five virtual days – which only lasts a few minutes in the game. On one hand, it is those goals that add zest to the otherwise possibly tiresome and kind of repetitive level challenging and unlocking experience; but on the other hand, those goals are very demanding and players would soon fail many of them when they desperately try to keep “alive”, which is in some cases frustratingly difficult.

Battle Towers bears a close resemblance to Equilibrium in terms of the gameplay, controls (typically the tap and drag deploying mechanics) and even the graphics. But it also differs from the former title in some details. For instance, players don’t have to pick a side between the two parties in conflict; they could drag the same type of structure to the same site to upgrade for better defense or production capacity; and they could even heal the damaged structures rather than just wait for them to vanish and then replace them.

Battle Towers is, in some sense, a simplified copy of Equilibrium, though it does embrace some modifications. And the simplification and modification highlight the challenges and fun, making this new game even more addictive and appealing.

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