Best iPhone Games This Week: DRAKERIDER Chains Transcendent, Fightback, Bounty Hunter

Every week, we recommend top iOS games with our short brief introductions and our sister site’s full reviews. As always, we are going to introduce some best iOS Games this week.


1, DRAKERIDER Chains Transcendent

DRAKERIDER Chains Transcendent is SQUARE ENIX’s latest action RPG that lets you battle against enemies using its special battle system. At first glance, DRAKERIDER Chains Transcendent shares many similarities with Monster Blade such as visual designs and gameplay. Another noteworthy design is that you will learn abilities and skills for your dragon to battle enemies.

2, Gang Lords

If you feel like playing strategy games, especially board-like strategy games like Warhammer Quest or I AM MT, you will love Glu Mobile’s Gang Lords. In the game, you will run into waves of gangs and your goal is to boss your gangs to attack your rivals. You can use a lot of commands like cover, support and special abilities to attack them.

3, Fightback

Fightback is an ass-kicking action game that pretty much follows the core gameplay of single player Action RPG. You simply enter a floor and clear enemies by simply tapping and swiping the touchscreen.

4, Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn

Bounty Hunter: Black Dawn is a hybrid of FPS and RPG that works really well and the elements of each are interwoven flawlessly. The thrill of leveling up, learning new skills, and finding great loot are all present and lots of fun. The enormous amount of customization you can have with the way you invest your skill points and the randomly generated gear you choose to equip makes your character absolutely unique.

5,  Arena of Heroes

Arena of Heroes is coming to Mobile. Now you can play this MOBA with your iPad. It is free to play.

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