Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online is an upcoming MMORPG developed by Snail Games behind Age of Wushu. But different from that now popular title featuring Chinese martial arts, Black Gold Online immerses players in the conflict of nature and industrialization.


Set in a fantasy world, the game revolves around two factions, one worshipping nature and detesting any kind of so-called civilization advances, while the other adoring mechanization and despising barbarism. And now they end up in conflicts against each other for the control over limited resources on the planet, including ore and Black Gold, the latter of which supplies power to main the world.

Players select between the two factions, and then races, such as vampire and dwarf and then follow the quests. Even if the game is story-driven, players never have to go along the same path. They are, on the contrary, offered with multiple choices in conversations and actions, which will lead to different results and paths. And aside from the story quests, they could also try the side quests and bunches of event quests. Thanks to the game’s embracing of both nature and mechanization, players can cast magical spells, transform into new forms, or even drive mechs in battles.

Powered by Flexi engine, Black Gold Online portrays a virtual world where every view is a feast to the eye. Once in a while, players would walk across the stone bridge with maple trees by both ends or enter an abandoned city filled with all kinds of ruins.

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