Blast Breaker Online

Developed by Unext Digital Plus. Yup, Blast Breaker Online is a native MMORPG from Thailand, whose game titles are mostly licensed from South Korea or China. Therefore the game is an indication of the country’s endeavor to gain independence in game development.

Blast Breaker Online is a synthesis of action and anime featuring dynamic action and quick combo system. The heavy influence by South Korea game titles can be seen in the dressing style of in-game characters, namely Breaker Alan, who is the swordsman, Elena, the Scout and Stella, who is the Witch. The 3D graphics breathes life into everything into the game: you can see the flapping of clothes, waving of hair, and reflected light from the sword, so on and so forth. You may choose among the three classes as mentioned above, each of whom is endowed with different powers, as Alan is good at inflicting damage in melee situations, while Elena with her arrow specializes in ranged attack, and the witch can cast a whole bag of powerful spells. Exciting fighting scenes are abundant in the game, promising you various fighting experience in beautiful mountainous areas, fiery desert and a lot of other places. You opponents are also varied, giant and ferocious dragons as well as grotesque and brutal forester monsters, to name just a few. The fantastic sound will also pep you up all the time throughout your play.

In conclusion, though a little bit unimaginative, Blast Breaker Online is a pretty good game that can engage you for hours with great graphics, good sound play and interesting gameplay.

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