Bubble Safari Ocean

Bubble Safari Ocean is a bubble shooter from Zynga, following the tremendously successful title Bubble Safari.  The game, which is set around a group of tropical islands, quests players to navigate through 11 places, clear bubbles of various colors and save all the crab babies for Crabby Joe.


You move the mouse and left click to shoot bubbles to clear those of the same color and if you press spacebar, you can shoot your next bubble first. The controls are simple enough but it is never easy to get through the advanced levels where bubbles to be cleared up are arranged in a random order, which sometimes necessitates your shooting the wall, in this case, a wall of seaweed, while hoping the bubble would bounce off the wall, and then head directly towards where you want it.

You are not to shoot all the bubbles on the interface – you won’t have enough bubbles in the stock to do that. Instead, you are to rescue all the crab babies trapped in the bubbles and the more bubbles remain when you are done, the more rewards you will get. Obtaining at least one star in each level will unlock the next level and as you advance, you will also open up power-ups which can be bought with in-game currency or premium currency.

Bubble Safari Ocean works the same with Bubble Safari in many ways. For example, the Bubble Frenzy in Bubble Safari Ocean is the way similar to On Fire in Bubble Safari, where players obtain special bubbles after three consecutive successful shots, which could cause several bubbles to drop regardless of their colors. Also, the two games both ask, or force, players to invite friends by now and then presenting the friend invitation dialog box with all their friends listed. And it is extremely annoying that those dialog boxes cannot be directly closed or skipped and players have to continue the invitation before they can resume the game.

If Bubble Safari Ocean does offer any enjoyment to any degree with the relaxing bubble shooting, it ruins it with the limitations of the pictures. The graphics in maps and challenges are often blurry however you adjust the size. And since fullscreen mode is unavailable, there is no way to immerse oneself in the underwater world without noticing the Facebook ads and other stuff around the screen.

Without better visuals and innovative gameplay, Bubble Safari Ocean is hardly a noteworthy title.

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