Cabal II

Developed by EST Soft, Cabal II is a popular Korean fantasy MMORPG that boasts enthralling storyline and enhanced gameplay compared to its original.


The world of Cabal II is kind of a linear one, as maps are not automatically linked, which means at the end of each map, you will need to teleport to another area. You simply have to work your way from point A to point B to finish your quests on each map. In the beginning, leveling up seems to take a lot of time, as quests are generally a bit difficult with monsters of high HP. But as you advance in the level, you will find leveling up much easier. Dungeons are usually what courageous gamer looks for, as it can offer rare items and great experience points which common quests do not offer.

Six gender-locked classes are available for you to choose from, namely Warrior, Wizard, Force Archer, Force Blader, Force Shileder and Priest. As the names indicate, each class has its special strengths and weaknesses, with some good at attacking, while some doing well in defense, some specializing in melee fighting, while some excel in ranged attack. Another point in the game to catch your eye is its combo system. Precise timing is very helpful for you to increase your combo meter. If you are a new player, you are very likely to find the combo system a little tricky, as chaining attacks and combo skills require more than pressing buttons like crazy. In order to play really well, you also have to know how to select your targets during combats. Automatic selection can be realized by pressing the Tab key, while the left mouse button enables you to select manually.

To sum up, Cabal II is perhaps not so creative in some aspects and is presented with not-so-well reputed graphics, but it does have some strength in gameplay. Why don’t you choose your class, begin the quests and get the much coveted rewards right now to have your own experience?

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