Campus Life

Campus Life is a simulation game on iOS devices which allows players to experience the social life of a college girl whose ambition is to hold the best sorority ever.


Starting with customizing the girl, you are about to furnish your empty house, talk to friends, hold parties and other events, entertain the girls and convince them to join you in preparations of the sorority. Complex as that may sound, you will have no problem in following the quests and enjoy the game with the help of the game’s intuitive and easy controls. In most cases, you tap or swipe a button to open the specific dialog boxes to view the goals, start an event, change clothes or serve your guests.

Campus Life bears some similarities to socialization-focused simulation games such as Cityville. Players, for whatever causes, all start from scratch, decorate a small empty house, expand it into a huge and splendid one, and hold various activities.

But the game has distinguished itself from similar titles, not with its specific theme, but with its unique details that have never been seen before. For example, characters you’ve recruited share their wardrobe, which to a great extent enlarges the selection when it comes to special occasions where you have to deck up your characters in certain styles. Players won’t have to leave the furniture and appliances alone after holding the required events which are the reasons for buying those things in the first place. There are chances of rechecking the sofa, the mixer and the table and other things to find specific quest items.

Recruiting forms a major part of the game and it is exactly what makes the game a lifelike experience. You talk about topics you assume the girls would like, purchase appliances and furniture that showcase your tastes, hold activities they might enjoy – everything that might earn their favor.

But Campus Life is also flawed. The characters, though different from each other in the complexion, hairstyle and many other details, keep making exactly the same moves all the time. It is true that they do that in a graceful and attractive way, but it still feels bad when they do the same things again and again.

As is the case in many free-to-play social titles, players will have to wait for processes to complete and for energy to replenish. But Campus Life absolutely overuses the waits. It is reasonable to consume energy in checking furniture and decorations for quest items but it is absurd if you have to wait for minutes before a oven is done being placed in your kitchen; if I have held a series of parties and events to attract a girl’s attention (during which the preparations all take tens or scores of minutes), why am I still supposed to wait for 30 minutes before recruiting her?

Campus Life brings an old gameplay to life with its unique theme and substantial entertaining details. But some improvements on the animations of characters and reductions on waits will also be appreciated.

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