Candy Planet

Candy Planet is a bubble shooter-like game that bears resemblance to Bubble Safari and Papa Pear Saga. It involves players in candy shooting through levels on different planets including Planet Sundae and Planet Mint.


In each level, players are quested with popping ten top candies. They shoot the candies with the ones of the same color and as long as three or more candies are thus adjacent to each other, these candies are cleared. In that way, they gradually make it to the top. However, this adventure that couldn’t seem any safer can never last as long as players want. For each level, players are granted with a set number of candies and if they fail to complete the mission with those candies, they have to spend Cash to purchase extra candies or if they are reluctant to do so, they would lose a life. Although slightly different in mission designs, Candy Planet bears strong resemblance to Bubble Safari as far as the gameplay is concerned. And the level climbing and unlocking would never feel unique and original to any experienced gamer of this genre.

To one’s amusement, Candy Planet introduces buckets at the interface bottom that will hold the cleared, or dropping, candies, as is in Papa Pear Saga. But instead of necessitating candy drops into every bucket, this game simply determines the bonus for each drop by referring to which bucket the candies fall into – and as the game progresses, each bucket rewards varying amounts of scores depending on how players perform in the game.

Even if players underperform, they could still make use of extra candies and even power-ups to ease up the candy matching process. For instance, the rainbow candy can match any color while the sharpshooter enables players to see the possible trajectory as they adjust the aiming and thus shoot more accurately. Players could even upgrade the buckets before each game starts. And those power-ups and extra candies can be purchased with in-game currency or cash.

Technically, Candy Planet hasn’t anything really new and original to offer. Not only does it ring bells in those who’ve recently enjoyed (to varying extents) Bubble Safari or Bubble Ocean, it also stirs up old memories about other titles, including the classic Zuma and its sequels, with some of its designs. For example, players have to pay real money or ask help from their friends just to continue to the next map or stage in both Candy Planet and Bubble Safari; and the rainbow candy has a free counterpart in Zuma that also matches with any ball of any color.

If there is anything impressive or more or less special about Candy Planet, it would be its colorful graphics and all those candies and desserts that constitute visual delights and at the same time water players’ mouths – or at least those with a sweet tooth. And the outer-space setting and various planets surely exert strong appeals to players, especially small kids.

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