Champs: Battleground

Champs: Battleground is a real-time strategy game where players are able to control a maximum of six character champs in battle against enemies on a small board-like battlefield.


Champs: Battleground is a tactics-oriented board game that has a simple rule to follow, but players should make smart and fast use of every action or skill in order to take down their enemies or protect their own champs from enemy attacks. A battle ends when a side reaches a required amount of kills. Through battles, players will gain battle points with which they can purchase new champs and upgrade or customize their deck of Champs.

Champs are of different classes and possess different skills. For example, the apprentice casts spells to throw fire balls at a specific enemy or heal an ally while Tinker throws mine on an empty square, which explodes on trigger, damaging adjacent champs. Naturally, the champs also differ in their movement ranges and attack ranges. In order to protect champs and deal more damages on enemies, players always need to move the champs.

The combat technically is not turn-based game. You can control any of your champs to move, or unleash a skill. But there is a cooldown time during which your heroes cannot move or do anything else. Moving and unleashing skills consume energy, but you can can only use those skills that champ’s energy can afford and then you have to wait for the energy refill. The key to be victorious doesn’t just lie in the effective movements and attacks, but it also depends on good timing in attack and defense so that you won’t leave your champs exposed to powerful attacks while all of them are still waiting for cooldown and cannot counterattack.

Players advance through the increasingly challenging levels and unlock new levels by completing previous levels. Although there are only 10 levels available, it is challenging and difficult to pass those levels at one sitting. They would, instead, probably make a few failed attempts until they get through a single level.

Champs: Battlegrounds is visually stunning. The characters, though very small in size, are presented in detailed and vivid 3D animations. And the profile of a champ is always coupled with a close-up of his or her face, which is always as beautiful as a desired desktop picture.

Champs: Battleground is an unusually challenging and entertaining game. It keeps players busy controlling every character on their squad to inflict damages and keep their own characters alive at the same time. It is nice only for hardcore gamers. For newbie players, however, Champs: Battlegrounds can be incredibly frustrating because of its tough challenge.

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