Christmas Recommendation: Stormfall, Clash of Clans, Chrono Tales, Kings and Legends and Much More

This is the last recommendation before 2013, when we will have more new working staff to cover MMOs, Browser Games, Social Games and the increasingly trendy mobile games for iOS and Android. So if you have the same interest with us, you can apply to become a freelance writer at But for now, we’d love to share what we are playing.


1, StormFall: Age of War

Since its debut on November 1, 2012, StormFall: Age of War has become one of most popular games on Facebook. And according to the latest statistics, the monthly active number surpasses 1,600,000, and the number continues going up.

Following the success of Total Domination and Pirates: Tides of Fortune, StormFall: Age of War wins not only because the game share the same unique quality graphics and full voice-over tutorial, but also it adds many new features and gives a twist to its engine that once powered Total Domination and Pirates. For example, players can summon souls of their friends to become their units, which have better defense and attack. On the other hand, players can build many more magical buildings and research ancient lost arts to enhance their troops.

On Christmas, the developer Plarium also patched the game with a new snow-covered map.

2, Clash of Clan

I hate recommending the game I’ve recommended many times, but Clash of Clans is best of the best. I cannot tear myself away from it for its pretty simple gameplay: Attack and Defend.

If you have an iPad, you can download this game for free on Apple Store. This strategy game requires more attention to build if you reach level 30, but it is worth playing if you join a powerful clan. Read our Clash of Clan Review.

3, Chrono Tales

On Christmas, I revisited Chrono Tales, a MMORPG that requires no download, but playable directly on web browsers. This game is without doubt a technical triumph. It not only has the same gameplay with AeriaGames’ Eden Eternal, but boasts the same high-resolution images and animations with the client games such as Eden Eternal and Spirit Tales.

4, Kings and Legends

If you have ever played Just A Game’s War2 Glory, you must have something strategy on your mind because War2 Glory has a very complex strategy system developed by Chinese guys. Now this Germany-based company comes back with a new strategy game Kings and Legends, a browser-based title that employs the CCG mechanic.

5, The Lost Titans

The Lost Titans is developed by ZQgame, a China-based company also publishing Shadowland Online and Crystal Saga. But The lost Titans is enormously different from those games.

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