Chrono Tales

Chrono Tales (Chinese:猎魔) is a 3D browser-based anime style MMORPG developed by China-based Leeuu and published by Ray Media. In the game, players role play as Warrior, Assassin, Scholar, Mage or Priest to explore the massive world of Chroland in solo or group.

Ray Media, previously known as EverDream Studio, is a subsidiary of NetDragon that publishes browser games such as Dragon’s Call 2, Crystal Saga and Soul of Guardian.

The game is only available for PC.


Chrono Tales triumphs on all fronts – exquisitely shaped characters and monsters, genuine 3D environment, completely compatible with all major browsers as well as smooth performances. It is a technologically advanced achievement beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

Having constructed what is essentially a 3D fantasy MMORPG, the China-based developer Leeuu beautifully conveys such a great sense of delicacy. All major features have been brought possible on browsers.

Well, it turns out that Chrono Tales is less of a browser game and more of a massively multiplayer online or (MMO)-esque game.

Chrono Tales, as all the news and articles have pointed out, borrows so much from the classic MMORPG World of Warcraft. However, it is still a typical browser-based MMORPG in every sense.

In a bright 3D persistent world, players travel back to the past, meet with lots of NPCs, accept and complete quests so as to unravel a mystery and figure out how to defeat the evil monster. The story is closely connected to the quests, making the whole experience much more exciting and engrossing, though Chinese characters appear now and then, especially in the system notifications.

There are no detailed tutorials or abundant conversations. All the controls are intuitive. Your mouse moves your avatar, though in many cases, you don’t need to do it yourself. Chrono Tales allows for automatic navigating and combating. You simply click the quest NPC to have a dialogue, accept missions and click the targets or destination in the quest bar to let your avatar find the way there automatically. That is why although the game enables players to change their perspective however they see fit, they sometimes find it difficult to distinguish it from 2D MMORPGs.

Those who ever play Eden EternalSpirit Tales or any browser-based MMORPG probably went through situations where their bags are full and they are not allowed to pick up new items or claim rewards. In that situation, players will have to abandon or destroy some things in the bags. However, you won’t worry about that in Chrono Tales. Whenever they accept an item in quest or pick up something dropped from monsters, they can sell them to the NPCs concerned and even if you do have your bag full in some cases, feel free to sell the excessive items for half the usual prices. That more or less increases the income and guarantees that the player would never suffer from great loss.

The best thing about Chrono Tales is that you can make use of three pets simultaneously for different purposes. Specifically, you can merge your avatar with a pet to enhance your attributes, ride on a second one while have the third one follow you and battle with you.

However good it is, Chrono Tales still has some flaws. During automatic navigating, you will abruptly have a too much close view of the character every time your avatar runs into a corner or encounters some obstacles. And although in most cases the game runs fluently, the graphics are not completely presented in some cases and you will see the whole environment covered in bright green before all the contents are loaded. That does not affect the gameplay as a whole, but I do think it could be better.

On the other hand, you are unable to press numeric keys to launch attacks or activate skills. Instead,  The skills can only be activated by clicking the skill buttons on the interface using mouse. Likewise, all the shortcut keys indicated by the buttons’ descriptions are not functional. If you ever want to see the attributes and gear on your avatar or check the things in the bag, you have to click the Character button and the Bag button respectively.

And most importantly, the quests, though not dealing with hundreds of the same type of monsters or baddies, are not properly designed. Players do storyline quests only until they reach level 18, when the only available storyline quests cannot be accepted until you reach level 19. Therefore, you will now and then have to accept and complete some side quests and daily quests. However, sometimes you still cannot accumulate enough EXP for upgrading your avatar by completing all the available quests. In that case, you can only have the avatar meditate to obtain experience. Maybe it is reasonable for players to have a rest after playing consecutively for several hours, but it just feels so bad to be interrupted in the middle of the game.

Nonetheless, with the easy access, intuitive controls, immersive story, and special pet applications all available in the same package, there are good reasons for you to give it a shot.

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