Clash of Clans Updated With Dark Elixir Troops: Minions, Hog Riders and Valkyries

Supercell has just updated Clash of Clans to the latest version 3.54 that primarily includes improvements on game balance, performance and usability, as well as the most anticipated Dark Elixir Troops.

new update for clash of clans

According to an announcement from the developer Supercell, the latest update has introduced three new units – Minions, Hog Riders and Valkyries- that can be trained at the Dark Barracks. Check the videos below for each unit’s performance.

The minion is a fast flying unit that menaces rain down deadly acid on their foes.

The Hog Rider is a ground unit with a hammer in one hand and hog reins in the other, these mighty warriors leap over walls and go straight for enemy buildings.

The Valkyries is armed with mighty two-handed axes, these maidens unleash whirlwinds of doom upon everything around them.

Meanwhile, the developer also brought a few improvements that may significantly enhance the game balance by adding the small area splash damage for Wizards and Dragons, increasing hitpoints and damage for level 1-2 P.E.K.K.A and Dragon and decreasing the training time and cost for Dragon and P.E.K.K.A, in particular.

It is equally important to note that the unit “Wall Breaker” is much smarter than it used to be, and is now able to penetrate into the deeper corner of the wall to bomb it while maximizing decoys and distractions. Players can now effectively use every single Wall Breaker to bomb the target.

For more and many other minor usability improvements can be found here.

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