Clash of Lords

Clash of Clans is a healthy combination of tower defense and RTS that gives you the ability to command an army in order to pillage surrounding villages to gain power and resources. In the game, you have to complete quests to receive rewards and build your army. It is developed by China-based IGG behind games like Age of Titans, Wings of Destiny, and Dawn of Darkness.


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If you have ever played’s Jungle Heat or Supercell’s Clash of Clans, then you will know how the gameplay works. Tap where you want to place your troops on the map and watch as they destroy the enemy village. The action is pretty simple, but the strategy behind where you place your units is much more difficult. Your troops will often attack what is closes to them so you have to be careful to place them close to those pesky defense towers. If you break down their defense first, then you will surely win.

You start the game by training your troops from the barracks and marching them into the battle field. Much like Clash of Clans or Jungle Heat, Clash of Lords does not allow you to engage the enemy troops, but to go up against the enemy defenses. You have to break through the enemy’s defense towers in order to harvest the spoils of war i.e. potions, Gold, and Jewels. With these Jewels you are able to upgrade you buildings.

Upgrading buildings is an important part of beating Clash of Lords. With each new upgrade to a building you are offered more abilities that will help you on your quest. Whether that be building stronger units out of your barracks, or collecting gold faster out of your Gold mine. The higher the level the better the building will perform, but the higher the level the more it will cost, so you have to spend your resources wisely.

By pillaging the enemy villages you can gain valuable resources. Though pillaging is where all the fun in the game is, it is also the most difficult portion of the game; pillaging is where most of the strategy comes into effect. You have to make sure that you are placing the correct number of units, and the correct type of unit in the best spot in order to fight efficiently. It could take a couple of tries to beat the later stages, but they are very rewarding when you actually beat them.

An added feature to this game is multiplayer. In multiplayer you go into other player’s towns and take their things. Though, other players will most likely have better defenses so you have to make sure that you have the correct composition of units.

Different units are available through upgrades to your barracks. Certain units, like the fox, attack a specific building in your enemy’s camp. Knowing what your units are going to attack is a critical part of the strategy behind the game.

The campaign in Clash of Lords is decently difficult and can take a long time if you insist on not spending any jewels. Each level is uniquely designed and the game becomes increasingly more difficult as you progress. I rather liked that this game is not super easy, but advancing in the later stages could take a long time because you have to wait in real-time for the building upgrades that you are looking for.

Overall, Clash of Lords looks like every other game in its genre. There is nothing extraordinary about the graphics or the gameplay for that matter. Both of these have been done before and, honestly, have been produced better in other games. However, this game does have something that all those other RTS games don’t; continuous playability.

Clash of Lords is a great game because you do not have to put any money into it in order to keep playing. You can keep leveling up, upgrading, and battling no matter how expensive, as long as you have the time. That is what sets this game ahead of the rest. The visuals could use some work, but the fact that you can keep playing makes it a game you can really get into.

Yes, the visuals and gameplay are boring and played out, but the fact that you can keep playing without having to put real money into it makes it a great game. I actually had a lot of fun with this game, but the only real way to experience it is to play it yourself.

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