Cloud Castle

Cloud Castle is a new iOS game from Stockpile Studio. It is available for free download from App store since April 1, 2013.


Cloud Castle is essentially an easy-to-understand simulation game. Players reconstruct the castle after Lord Malicious destroyed it. Forges and workshops must be built to manufacture products such as weapons, armors, jewelry and furniture to meet the consumption needs of the streaming customers. In a word, the whole idea of this game is to build a kingdom, manage the shop/resource and increase wealth.

The gameplay is quite similar to established simulation games such as Japan Life and Small Street. You will be in control of the castle, whose ground floor acts as the shop front. Instead of sprawling your business facilities to the adjacent areas, you are going up. Workshops are in the forms of floating islands of all shapes, and they are built and located in the air above. Tap on the airship marked with the upward arrow, and the crew aboard will expand airspace for your castle if you run out of building space, non–gratuitously. New blue prints must be discovered in order to open new forges and workshops to produce new types of items. And after the items are created, tap on the icon to ship them out, and they will become commodities in your store and customers roaming in front of your castle will pick up what they have in mind and pay the coins happily.

It won’t take long for you to fully master the leveling-up and coin-earning part and run your castle properly. There are only a few factors to keep in mind. All in-game activities will provide you with EXP rewards. As long as you don’t leave your coal tank empty, your forges and workshops will not stop producing, and if Lord Malicious is spotted near your castle, just tap him until he is again driven away. Although it might take several quarters or even hours to produce certain items, a master mason will randomly show up from time to time and finish instantly the in-progress production or construction in your designated forge or workshop. At other times, while pending such progress, you can tap around and spot treasure chests and trees for extra EXP or coin rewards.

This game monetizes through sales of its hard currency, the gold nuggets, which can be used to bypass above-mentioned wait timers and purchase premium items for purposes such as decoration or extra rewards. For those looking for a faster-paced gaming experience, they can choose to accelerate all production procedures and “finish now” by paying gold nuggets. With enough gold, it’s also possible to finish an ongoing quest without reaching the goal it asks.

The graphics in this game have outstanding image qualities. The background is essentially the big blue sky. The island-like workshops and forges floats like airships with the onboard little people minding their own business. It all reminds people of Johanson Swift’s flying island. By reaching upwards and out, you will finally build yourself a magnificent castle.

Social features in this game allow inviting friends to join the game through Facebook, Twitter, emails and other connectivity.

Cloud Castle is a splendid leisure game with its own original and innovative designs. Playing it is a refreshing experience and will bring the players into a brand new world.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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