Critter Conquest

Critter Conquest is a social strategy game from ClipWire Games, the maker of Castle Town, Wild West Town and Hot Slot. The game allows you to build an army of critter units and to engage in the epic battles in Solo and Multiplayer mode.

With the success of Clash of Clans on mobile platforms, there are dozens of developers imitating its success by using the COC formula to make a game for different platforms such as PC, Web and Mac. Take Ninja Kingdoms for example, It is one of Zynga’s Facebook games that is seemingly inspired from Clash of Clans, yet exclusively on Facebook and with a Ninja-themed kingdom.

Critter Conquest is just one of those that plays similarly to Clash of Clans and many other copycats in the App Store. The game takes on the same color scheme with Clash of Clans, allowing to build units such as slinger, fighter and more. Meanwhile, you will see the game’s solo map is a lot like Samurai Siege and even its early stage levels have the same layout.

Alliance or tribe is an indispensable element and plays a very important role in Critter Conquest. Early on, you could join a powerful alliance to seek help and later you can create your own tribe to help others.


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