Dead Island: Epidemic

Dead Island: Epidemic, the spin-off of Dead Island, is an upcoming zombie-themed MOBA from Deep Silver. It is set in the Dead Island universe and features an arsenal of customizable weapons, a range of powerful skills and old-fashioned teamwork.

The game boasts a core play mode named Battle Royal, where three teams consists of up to four players each compete on the battleground for resources, key points, and survival under the attack of hordes of CPU-controlled zombies.

With simple WASD key setup and mouse controls, Dead Island: Epidemic is easy to pick up and play. Players don’t have to struggle with the sophisticated controls like last hitting or mouse-click-to-move in other typical MOBA games. All they need to do is point the crosshairs at anyone or anything not on their team and fires.

The game is now accepting sign-ups for its closed beta at Anyone who signs up now will be able to join the 30,000 previous alpha testers and receive exclusive in-game rewards and items before the close beta officially launches.

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