Deadbreed is a new MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) seeking to fill a darker and more hardcore niche in the genre. The independent team behind Deadbreed is Sweden-based and full of industry veterans including former Just Cause dev, Stefan Ljungqvist.

Deadbreed started with Stefan’s desire to totally customize how his MOBA characters looked and played — and then his inability to find an existing MOBA that provided that flexibility. Accordingly, Deadbreed has been designed from the ground to provide players with deep control over the way their heroes look and, more importantly, play. Players can choose between a wide range of characters divided into nightbreed, halfbreed, and daybreed classifications. Each hero has a unique set of special abilities and performs differently based on how they are equipped.

Stefan and team have packed even more RPG features into Deadbreed. Completing matches will earn experience towards leveling up the heroes. An item crafting system will allow players to create powerful artifacts that will both level up and wear down with use. In this way, experience can unlock upgrades and relic slots for artifacts.

Deadbreed features minor but significant changes to the core MOBA formula, all designed to make it a more fast-paced and hardcore game. Battles take place between two 3-player teams instead of the more commonly seen 5-player team size. Before a match begins, players can customize maps by toggling options like dungeons, side quests, and PvP quests. Every match will affect a player’s standing with the Sentinels, affecting their power. Teams can take on a Sentinel of their choosing as an end-game boss challenge.

Deadbreed is a free-to-play game that’s currently a PC exclusive. Teams can challenge the AI or another team of human players.


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