Defense Technica

Defense Technica is a fun, futuristic, single-player tower defense game for iOS developed by Com2uS. The main objective of the game is to protect your tower through 20 stages – which in this case, is a power core.

What is attacking the power core? Hordes of aliens hungry for a power core meal whom blindly travel in a route towards it. The task of the player is to stop these aliens who quickly grow in numbers and power as the stage goes on.

The player can do this in many ways with one being rotating the paths in which the enemies come through by strategically placing barricades. The aliens will then change their route and locate a different path towards the power core.

Another way the player can stop the aliens is through the construction of gun towers that help destroy the waves of aliens passing through. There are many types of towers as well with different strengths and weapons such as stabber, submachine gun, flame and mortar towers for example. Towers the player build can be upgraded too, helping improve their stats and increasing their striking power against the alien hordes.

To help build these gun towers and barricades, the player will however need ‘resources’ which are gained through alien kills. As the aliens keep coming, your power core will rely on the defense you create. You advance to the next stage once all the waves of aliens in a particular stage have been eliminated. After each stage is complete, your total resources will be calculated at the end with the amount also dependent on your performance in that stage..

There is also a card system present in the game where you can use the resources you’ve earned to buy tower cards which help you in-game such as the level 3 Submachine Gun which reduces the cost of that particular tower installation.

You equip them from your inventory to activate its effect as you can only equip 8 at a time while there is also the option to sell these cards. The factory section lets you combine cards so you can create your own to devastating effect.

In conclusion, Defense Technica is loaded with beautiful, stunning 3D graphics and and the game menu consists of great sound design and a sleek futuristic look. The main story could have been portrayed better and more creatively but the gameplay is fun and satisfying and a great way to kill off some time.

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