Destroyers vs. Wolfpack

Destroyer vs. Wolfpack is a turn-based navy battle action game from WiSTONE Entertainment behind War2 Glory and Knights of the Kings,. In this game, players join their friends, control the Destroyers which convoy merchant ships or the wolfpack who sneak by to sink all those merchant ships, and compete against their enemies until all the ships on one side are destroyed.


There is no way to enjoy the game solo. Even in practice, players need to invite others to act as the opponents and teammates, get used to the controls and gameplay with other players’ instructions and help instead of keeping the newbie innocence and dullness to oneself.

2V2 and 4V4 mode are promised but only the 2v2 is now available. One won’t have to level up to unlock advanced maps, since every map is accessible from the get-go. Players are allowed to choose whichever they like regardless of how intricate those maps are.

In the combat, you control a ship or a submarine, move close to the targets, hide your vessel from the enemies, detect submarines hidden below the sea, and deploy mines or open fire at the enemy ships. All those actions are conducted during your turn by tapping the action buttons on the right and if you fail to act before your turn ends, you would be able to do nothing except for being the target of any attack released by the enemy. Also, you are not allowed to act however you like it. For each turn, you have only several action points, each for an action and therefore you could only navigate over a limited range and deal only a few damages.

A seemingly simple gameplay and set of controls would not deprive players of the fun, nor do they keep the gaming experience easy and relaxing. How Destroyer vs. Wolfpack plays out depends wholly on how you design your moves, for instance predicting how your enemies would act, releasing attacks to where they probably would be, and avoiding the possible counterattacks.

The controls are not always helpful as they seem to be. There are many times when I attempted to move the ship but ended up changing the perspective or dragging the map. No clear distinctions existed between those actions as far as operation is concerned. And as a result, I had to float my submarine to inhale more oxygen before it runs out taking all the health with it.

And owing to the still too small size of the game community, the chance of getting matched to a game with three other players is rather slim. More often than not, one has to call in the World channel many times before they could summon enough players to start the game. If you merely create a room and silently await others, you might even pass tens of minutes without even a single match.

Destroyer vs. Wolfpack has great potential. But it still needs larger community (and probably a single-player training session to prepare players for the battles) to offer the kind of gaming experience it should provide.

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