Dice Venture

Dice Venture is a 3D monopoly-like board game. In this game, players take turns to roll dice to move around a square board, trigger all kinds of events, purchase regions and collect rents with an ultimate goal to lead their opponents to bankruptcy.


Dice Venture, at its heart, retains the basic gameplay of Monopoly. In every match, each participant gets a set amount of money (2 million, to be specific) to start with, roll two dice, and the dice value determines how many spaces they could advance through. If landing on an unoccupied region, the player can either purchase it while if on an opponent’s region, the player has to pay the rent. And the same rule is applied: it is always advisable to occupy as many regions as possible and develop them by constructing houses and hotels, which will increase a player’s money while reducing the opponents’ money.

The game has its own approach to the classic gameplay. It lets players watch the board from above a corner instead of fixating them on one side and then making the names on other sides hard to read. Also, the interface has every spot clearly displayed even in its window mode while in the meantime gives full play to the 3D animated characters of all kinds.

Yes, players don’t remain off the stage. They’ve got their various avatars that come in the form of cards and possess different potentials and advantages. A little girl named Susie, for example, is a prodigy in Mathematics and has a better chance of exiting the deserted isle, but she cannot lower taxes and costs. Players can select a character for free at the outset but have to pay cash, the currency they earned through matches, to purchase additional characters later on.

There is no such thing as claiming a region for a whole match and only selling it if the owner chooses to. A player doesn’t have to pay rents every time they land on the same property. Upon reaching an occupied region, players can pay rents, or toll in some cases, and then take it over as long as they have enough cash at hand. If they don’t have enough money or if they don’t think the region would bring handsome revenue, they can simply pay the rents and wait for their next turn. In that way, cash circulates at an unprecedentedly fast speed in Dice Venture, mainly because of the frequent takeovers of regions.

Once obtaining region, players can deploy villas, buildings, hotels and even landmark buildings in the region. With the addition of those structures, the rents soar and in some cases, the rent for a single region would drive an opponent into bankruptcy. Combining such region development with frequent takeovers, Dice Venture presents one of the most competitive and thrilling monopoly-style board gaming experiences.

Of course, the game isn’t all about region acquisition and development. Some spots trigger predetermined or random events once players land on them. For example, the Fortune spots sometimes grant players with a 50% discount and sometimes let them start a sandstorm or a blackout in a region in an effort to reduce its popularity and its value. Las Vegas isn’t open to purchase but it allows players to flip a coin and guess which side is up. Correct guesses reward players with extra loot. A world travel corner allows players to choose whichever region they like to go in the next turn.

It is true that Dice Venture didn’t bother to presents reminiscent visuals like Monopoly HD, or decorate the sports and almost everything with numerous pieces of diamonds as Monopoly Millionaire does, nor does it put the board on a gambling table as Monopoly Here & Now has done. But it proves to be a carefully and uniquely designed board game that none of the abovementioned titles can rival.

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