Despite being announced five years ago and having a name that’s hard to take seriously, free-to-play, super-gory, third-person shooter Dizzel is finally heading to American PCs this June. OGPlanet is excited to bring it stateside from South Korean development teams Neowiz and NS Studio.


Dizzel is the result of taking Gears of War and cranking it up to 11. The combat is even faster, the action is nonstop, and the violence is nothing short of brutal. Weapons include assault rifles, shotguns, massive swords, and axes. Executions allow players to perform fatalities on their enemies to ensure they cannot be revived by teammates. There are tons of executions and they vary based on which character and weapon you are using. OGPlanet assures that the Executions would make the creators of Mortal Kombat proud.

Like Gears of War, Dizzel’s third-person combat makes heavy use of cover. Pop into and out of cover on-the-fly, and feel free to do so with your guns blazing. Alternately, you can blindfire to spray and pray from behind the safety of cover. Dizzel’s offerings span many maps and game modes, including traditional modes like Team Deathmatch and Demolition. 2v2v2v2 offers you a chance to pick a partner and stay close. Killer Sentinels allows the teams to take turns as fearsome war machines. The merciless sentinels brush off incoming fire while they cut down their enemies with ease. The opposing team is left with only one objective: to survive by any means necessary. Predator Mode selects a new player each round to be the Ninja. The Ninja is extremely fast, gets huge stat boosts, and — of course — a giant katana.

Dizzel is hyper-intense and super gory, but it never takes itself too seriously. With promotional materials featuring terms like “hells yeah” and “pwning” and over-the-top Executions, it’s easy to see that the developers just want everybody to have a blast with it.

Beta testing for Dizzel opens up on June 12th. You can sign up for it today at the official site.

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