Dragon Pals Review

Dragon Pals is a new MMORPG presented by R2Games behind browser games like Yitien, and a newly launched MMO Lunaria Story. It offers you a chance to start an unusual adventure with dragons.

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At first you choose one from three available characters: Archer, Mage, and Warrior (Male & Female). Then you start your exploration into a strange and mysterious world. You will battle against monsters, beasts and the evils, get rewards and collect precious items like gold, dragon souls, amethysts and so on. Some of the items, such as the dragon souls, can be used to free your to-be partners as well as your strongest allies – dragon pets, who will help raise your battle rating. It means you won’t be alone during your adventure after the first few stages. As the game progresses, you’ll gain more dragons and your battle strength will keep increasing so that you’ll be able to confront increasingly overwhelming enemies.

My first impression of the interface is that it features such dazzling colors. All kinds of colorful icons are displayed around the screen and the middle of the screen is crowded with players and their dragons, either standing still or running fast. In all, it appears to be a chaotic scene. What I expect is a simple and clear interface.

Filled with characters

As a matter of fact, Dragon Pals abounds for contents: alchemy & essence offering, friends, special skills, arena, dragon orbs, exercise, farm, demon tower, dragon pets, and single player instances etc. There are just a multitude of them, all of which are designed to enrich and improve your gaming experience. But the actual effect remains to be verified. Here I’d like to further elaborate on the dragon pets and the rest will be left for you to explore in person. Once you free the dragons, they will follow you everywhere and help you in battles. Each dragon possesses some unique skills, which may vary by your role. The abovementioned dragon soul can be used to cultivate and train them and dragon orbs can be used to strengthen them. The game also allows you to customize your dragons’ looks so that they can be unique.

When it comes to the gameplay, I have to say it’s really simple and kind of disappointing due to the lack of challenges. You will find it extremely easy to reach level 30 in a short time. All you need to do is clicking your mouse as indicated. You move your role toward monsters and he or she will automatically unleash the skills. What’s more, it turns out that the monsters can hardly withstand a single blow. So after you click a few times, you’ll always claim victory and get some rewards. In this game, I don’t have to understand my role’s different skills or the dragons’. I don’t need to work hard to figure out the right skill combinations as required in other similar games. I don’t have the time pressure to think and move swiftly because I know too well that the final victory belongs to me. Team battles feature no difference except for the fact that you’re playing together with other players.

Group battle

Generally speaking, the graphics of Dragon Pals is satisfactory. The characters, male or female, have pretty appearances and nice costumes. The dragons are rendered into cute pet animals that can talk and joke with their masters instead of aggressive beasts. Even some battles obtain a touch of beauty. For example, one skill of Archer is meteor arrows. Once they are unleashed, hundreds of slivery arrows fall down in the air and sparks fly away like snowflakes. However, its soundtrack isn’t that impressive. Instead, it sounds a little monotonic. What’s more, there’s no soundtrack during the first few minutes of the game. Watching the characters talking and moving in a totally silent environment is rather disturbing.

To my astonishment, Dragon Pals manages to rule out players’ function in the game to a large extent. I wonder what kind of pleasure can be drawn from the success that comes so easily. And honestly speaking, having played the game for a couple of hours, I strongly feel that I have been watching a long animation film, which isn’t that interesting though. It’s because the game doesn’t require you to think much but you can still keep leveling up. Despite its rich contents, Dragon Pals doesn’t present much that’s new and innovative. Nevertheless, I can’t rule out the possibility that some players may find charming elements that are ignored by me in it. It’s just a little early to tell whether it’s capable of maintaining a large number of loyal players at the moment.

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