Dragon Wizard

Dragon Wizard is a dragon-raising game in which you play one of wizards to hatch dragon eggs and bring them to battle against other monsters and dragons.


Johnny is passionate, but single-minded. He is dedicated purely to raising dragons. He tries hard, but he has zero skills. Whatever dragon he raises runs away. he is short, but way tougher than other wizards.

Edwin is a teacher at the magic school, but has never been able to teach properly because he always dozes off. He is a bit unpredictable, but very interested in raising dragons. The problem is that he has never touched a dragon.

Alphonse, being greedy for money gets back to you, and maybe that is why wizard Alphonse is balding. He is very fast at calculating in his head and loves saving money. With great faith in the rumor that the eyelashes of dragons grow as hair when implemented on the scalp, he tries very hard to learn more about dragons. He may be good at hoarding money, but when meeting a dragon, he just cannot help but pick a fight with it.

Short Review:

Dragon Wizard attempts to rip off the core mechanism of Pokemon, but unfortunately it neither touches on a stroke of essence, nor reaches a similar feel of Dragon City that is also inspired from the Pokemon series. The bad experience is even diminished by its messy interface and unresponsive buttons.

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