Dragons and Titans Open Beta is Live

Wyrmbyte has announced that Dragons and Titans is now available to play on Facebook. All progress in Open Beta is saved and will never be wiped.

dragons of titans

High above the Eternal Lands, epic battles take place in the skies. The greatest fighting broods have been assembled for the dragon wars. Team up with friends and compete against other players in 5v5 PvP matches!

Be sure to complete the advanced training for an additional 4,000 crystals, enough to buy your very own Dragon! You can also win Dragon Bucks in special in-game Events.

Dragons and Titans is a free to play MOBA Game developed by Wyrmbyte and published by Zynga for Facebook. The goal of the game is to free your titan from the enemy Titan Cage. You will choose a dragon to ride and a legendary weapon to wield for every battle. You will start the battle at your fortress, deep behind our defenses. You must not let the enemy penetrate these defenses, destroy our Titan Cage and free their Titan.

Now is your time to select your dragon and join the fray. The battle begins now!

Official App https://apps.facebook.com/dragonsandtitans

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