Dragons and Titans Review

Dragons and Titans is a MOBA game where players battle against enemies on the back of dragons. They slay enemies and minions, destroy enemy structures, including shrines, Obelisks and Titan cage, and rescue the captured Titans in enemy bases.

Encountering one enemy

Dragons and Titans essentially is a MOBA, but it offers an unusual experience than I had in the most popular MOBA game League of Legends. It is largely because of its presentation. Instead of commanding fantasy heroes to move on ground, players, most of the time, control a dragon flying between floating structures in the air to battle against other Dragons. This concept is cool, at least, at fist sight.

Controls in Dragons and Titans are relatively simple. You press Shift and Spacebar to move your dragon forward or backward. Alternatively, you can use arrow keys and mouse to do the same thing. But for people who get used to using WASD to move their characters, they may not feel comfortable in playing Dragons and Titans. Another problem is that the dragon can only fly forward and backward, unable to move upward and downward. This is likely to cause players to take roundabout ways when they encounter obstacles in their way since once they realized they were getting into a wrong place, they must turn around and find the right path.

Chaotic titan

When a game cannot revolutionize its current mechanic and inject something innovative, the game is likely to put pieces of genres together to cater to more audiences. Dragons and Titans is such a kind of game. You will have to spend a lot of time to learn new skills and upgrade your gear, which is extremely common in RPGs. Of course, you need to keep enhancing your dragons and weapons using Runes and other purchasable items, otherwise, It is hard to win. Eventually, the game becomes a grinding experience.

That is not to say the game does not have its advantage. You could feel a different strategy when using a unique dragon and rare weapon. For example, Hellfire, the fire-breathing dragon, could deal damages continuously and hence could claim enemies’ lives within a short time.

When talking about a MOBA game, we may expect more team work than single play campaign. Dragons and Titans does a great job in this respect. Unlike those MOBA games independently playable on Browsers or via Client, Dragons and Titans is in essence connected with Facebook, so you can invite your Facebook friends to form a team, or challenge your Facebook friends. This mechanism maximizes the social team work, but potentially allows for unwelcome invitations that most of the Facebook users dislike.

To sum up, Dragons and Titans is something like a lightweight MOBA with few options to ge the same experience I had in League of Legends, but its presentation, social options, free-to-play and non-download threshold may be what you are looking for.

Play it on Facebook: https://apps.facebook.com/DragonsAndTitans/

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