Everlight is a 2D browser-based MMORPG from KoramGame behind Serenia Fantasy, DemonSlayer and Spirit Tales. In this game, players tame pets, ride dragons, battle monsters and corrupted humans, crawl dungeons and instances, and unravel the mysteries in a fantasy world where all the Greek mythology, Mayan civilization and Atlantean legends come to life.


The character and class selection is rather limited in Everlight. The four classes available, including warrior, prophet, mage and ranger, are gender-specific, while only eight avatars are offered. So you wouldn’t be surprised to discover the land densely populated with identical characters all over the screen. And that is made even worse as players level up and claim the same pandas, dragons as pets and mounts.

The identical characters and pets and mounts are only part of the reasons for the failure in graphics. The 2.5D mechanics didn’t quite change the unclear pictures depicting grassland, bridges, halls, and stores which are common in many 2D MMORPGs. Admittedly, the 3D characters serve as a comfort, but given the fact that there are literally hundreds of them, seen or waiting to be seen on your screen, they might not provide enough compensation for the blurry maps and surroundings.

The controls are simple and almost the same as in Serenia Fantasy and many other real-time battle MMORPGs of Chinese origins such as Crystal Saga, Broken Realm and Odin Quest. Players click through conversations with NPCs and underlined contents in the mission bar and reach level 30 in about one hour. Automatic navigating is available everywhere except in the instances, which is where things go wrong. Do you still remember how good it feels to left click and hold to keep your avatar move in any direction you want? That’s not gonna happen in Everlight Online, where you could only click a specific spot so that the avatar would head for it and would stop there unless you click another spot.

Players follow quests, gain experience, level up and unlock more and more functions and contents. They learn class-specific skills, improve their proficiency by using those skills, and thus upgrade and sharpen them and eventually possess invincible power in battles.

Battles can be triggered in the fields and in the instances. You slay enough number of certain monsters in the fields to fulfill a quest or kill all the bosses and minions in the instance to get the dungeon rewards. As usual, the more monsters around you, the more difficult it would be just to survive. To make sure that you win the battles, you have to, as aforementioned upgrade your skills to deal more damages, equip the avatar with advanced gear, insert gems or whatever possible onto your gear and develop your own strategies based on your advantages and disadvantages.

Identical characters and creatures, unclear maps, clustered interfaces, and lethargic battles. And that is what Everlight is all about.

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