Family Farm Seaside

Family Farm Seaside is a mobile farming game of Facebook-based Family Farm in which you can plant and harvest over 100 crops and trees, take care of cute animals and add neighbors to play with them together.


Family Farm Seaside is a very absorbing farming game, and outdoes many similar games in graphics and sound effects, but its expensive elements and hard-to-advance levels may make it lose some gamers’ favor.

The Good: Cinematic visuals, relaxing music, rich sharing platform.

The Bad: Multiple expensive items, somewhat simple and repetitive game play.

As an experienced Flash social game developer, FunPlus is widely known by Family Farm, a Facebook game played by millions daily. Now FunPlus is proudly launching its iOS version of the farming game by ingeniously redesigning and craftily recreate a lot of features, to secure an even better farming experience. Here comes Family Farm Seaside!

If you have ever dreamed of getting away from the crowed existence to have a quiet and neat plot of land, which belongs solely to you and where you can live out your artistic and simple life principle, you don’t have to go fat to look for it. Family Farm Seaside will for sure make a perfect utopian for you.

By simply taping the game icon, you will find a serene landscape of extraordinary beauty slowly unfolding before your eyes. The sky is a light shade of blue with fleecy clouds stretching, winding and suspending. Below is the massive sea heaving gentle waves and buoying a beautifully-curved sail. Right by the sea is your little piece of land fenced from trees and green slopes on two sides, with the other two sides open for your future expansion if you happen to be ambitious. Don’t be upset to see nothing but green grass on your neatly shaped square, as you are here to create something after your own heart rather than modify or embellish a farm already there. Like frontier pioneers, you need to start from scratch (sounds tough, huh?); but also like an artist, you are facing a clean canvass, where your dream has the chance to be breathed into life by your own strokes.

The sound effects are also as brilliant as the browser game Goodgame Big Farm. Believe it or not, basking in the beautiful light music, you will soon find one or two hours already gone and forget about the busy missions that make you constantly engaged. But I think if there are more pieces of music for us to choose, the game would be more absorbing!

Then it comes to the gameplay. You don’t need to panic if you have no farming experience in games or in life, as kind guides will give you very helpful advice throughout the game and gentle tapping on your crops or utensils will show you what you need to do. At the very beginning, the guides will show you how to gather a clover and how to feed it to the cow so as to get a bottle of milk. Then you will get instructions about how to harvest wheat and how to make wheat flower with the mill. Then all too likely, you will be suggested to keep bees, which will give you jars of honey, something very useful to generate fruit jams (fruit seed will be available to you once you reach a certain level). You will notice a barn in the under left corner where all your harvested crops, fruits and processed products are stored and labeled with their selling price. Gradually, your apple tree will grow, and watering/irrigation makes it grow so fast that several taps later ripe apples will be there waiting for you to pick. Then more crops are made available for you, cucumbers, grapes, oat, corn, and so on. Before long you will find your barn filled with the fruit of your hard labor. The embedded social networks make it possible for you to share your joy with your friends via different platforms, especially Facebook. Actually, if you connect your account to Facebook, you can get money rewards and will be automatically connected to your friends who also play this game.

But don’t be carried away by your initial victory or you will regret. Believe me, as this is the hard and painful lesson I have learned by myself! You see, I was so happy with such a bumper and fast harvest that I thought farming is no big deal and I can do it pretty well. With that thought, I sold up all the things in the barn and got a lot of coins. With a good amount of money in my pocket, I spent easily the money on bags of fertilizers (as they make crops grow so much faster), on plowing a new piece of land and so on. In a few minutes, I gazed at my farm with pride and satisfaction, because it was so neatly arranged and the major portion of the land was plowed and various crops are flourishing right there. Yet there came the sad moment! I had nothing in the barn to make processed products, such as cheese and jam, nor did I have enough coin to buy fertilizers or irrigation equipments. There was nothing I could do but wait and for the first time I noticed that it takes more than 4 hours before the grapes are ripe! So here is my kind advice, spend every penny wisely, and manage your crop properly! Clovers might sell at a lower price, but it takes less time to grow; grapes are expensive, but a long timeframe is the cost. You know what is best for you. If you are a person of eager and impatient temper, you may feel extremely frustrated to see a little bag of fertilizer will actually cost dozens of bucks of real world money!

As mentioned above, lots of farming elements are sold at very high prices, such as watering cans, fertilizers, and wholesome weather conditions like rain, thunderstorm and rainbow rain. In addition, animals like bees and chicken are all very expensive too. As a result, they are practically unaffordable to those who only honestly sell the crops they have grown and harvested. Another nuisance for impatient gamers is that a lot of features will not be unlocked until one reaches a certain level, which could take a really long time.

In fine, Family Farm Seaside is a kind of game that can keep you for hours with its relaxing music, pleasing artwork and interesting mixture of wise management and diligent labor. But the expensive tools, materials and animals together with the exclusive features only made accessible to gamers who pay or reach advanced levels will possibly drive away a lot of farming game fans.

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