Fantasy Quest: Clash of Kingdoms

Fantasy Quest: Clash of Kingdoms is a combination of empire building and turn-based RPG. Launched by GAMEVIL Inc., the game is set in a world of sword and sorcery. The scenes and characters represent a distinct cartoon style. Also, the BGM creates an epic yet soothing atmosphere. Such features were usually more recognizable among Japanese productions. However, these days you could see a lot of such titles in Korean-made products too. The interface is neatly designed and pleasantly effective. It won’t take long for any player to fully comprehend how to get started.


The storyline begins with goblins invading the local village of Akronis, and a passer-by hero with sword (meaning you) comes just in time to aid the damsel in distress and save the endangered village. After this quest is completed, it will be time to head back to your kingdom to construct and expand your empire so as to prepare for the coming invasion from more enemies. As in most strategy games (Haunted Hollow, Castle Champions), you will be expanding your land, constructing buildings, deploy weapons, and marking your territory. At the very beginning, your city will only include your castle, which is shaded in the center of a green forest. By cutting trees you obtain more lands, and through such expansion you could create a real kingdom.


Other than those clichés of strategy games, Fantasy Quest allows you to level up your character like in RPGs (Avabel Online, or Heroes of Destiny). You could either choose to follow the guide of the GOALS, and fight monsters as suggested, or you can tap QUEST and travel to different areas that suit your current level and fight the occupants.

You mainly earn your character XPs through battles. Going to a battle with different levels of enemies requires various numbers energy points. In a battle, each unit in your team will take turns to attack. It is allowed to heal your teammates during combat. At the end of a battle, the HP and MP of your character will be recovered. As your character levels up, you can learn more battling skills with points earned.


Aside from leveling up your main character, you should not forget to recruit more units of soldiers from the shop and team up. Extra hands will always be helpful concerning battles. You will need to level up your teammates the same way you did with your main character. Purchasing finer weapons and armors and gears will also improve your characters’ combat capabilities.


To mark your territory, you need to raid other players’ kingdoms and destroy their buildings. Valor, coins, and XPs will be achieved through such invasions (valor is essential to purchase certain items from the shop). You must stay online long enough to gain the necessary stamina points to raid your rivals; and getting raided by others will be one of the routine incidents. For all players alike, the first thing to do after logging in the game might be checking your defense facilities and repair them.

You could recruit as many as 14 unique characters to be your teammates. If you feel powerful enough, you can always go to the arena to engage in PvP with your friends.

To ace in this game, you will be resourceful regarding both battle tactics and managing strategies. For both strategy game players and RPG fans, Fantasy Quest: Clash of Kingdoms is definitely a good choice.

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