Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga is a cross-platform match-three game from, now renamed as King, behind Bubble Witch Saga and Candy Crush Saga. Already available on Facebook, the game will soon land on iOS and Android.

A disturbing raccoon threatens to steal away all the crops, food and other stuff on farms, and you are quested with collecting all the vegetables, fruits and elements including sun and water before that animal lays its paws on them.

In Farm Heroes Saga, players clear a set number of symbols of certain types within limited moves. The more tiles they manage to match in those moves, the higher scores they will attain and the more stars they will get after finishing each game. By finishing a game, they gain access to the next level and have to match different type of symbols.

But that conventional gameplay has also embraced several twists. The game offers boards of different shapes instead of just a simple square board; purchasable powerups enable players to remove one or more tiles (for example, all the tiles in a line) from the board; and once a player completes a level, the scores of his or her friends on that level are displayed in descending order so that players could see whether they’ve beaten their friends.


Farm Heroes Saga Review Coming Soon.

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