Farm Heroes Saga Review

Farm Heroes Saga is a new match-three game on Facebook presented by King behind Candy Crush Saga. It’s very easy to get started and to get addictive as well. Farm Heroes Saga shows us that what is fun is simple.

farm hero saga

Farm Heroes Saga, as its name implies, is set in a thriving farm inhabited by a variety of poultry and livestock. These innocent animals have been disturbed by Rancid the raccoon for a long time and they need you to help them drive away Rancid so that they can live in a peaceful and free environment.

The initial interface highlights a snaky path leading through the farm. The path is dotted with grey pie icons indicating different levels. The images on the icons tell you your main goals for that level. For example, a smiley apple suggests the collection of resources while a raccoon suggests the confrontation with Rancid. The game boasts 70 levels in all. All the cleared levels will light up and can be replayed again and again.

When it comes to the gameplay, Farm Heroes Saga gives you a simple and clean interface. On the top from left to right there is a red heart-shaped icon, a green bean icon and a gold bar icon which show you the lives, magic beans and gold you possess respectively. Following the icons are five slots displaying the available boosters. Life is recharged every 30 minutes and it stops when you get five lives. On the left of the screen, you can see the goals for the current level and the moves left, which will change in real time. The rest part of the screen is your playground. You will be shown a board full of different items, such as apples, strawberries, carrots, onions, water-drops, suns, flowers and so on. They all are rendered into cute images. In particular, you can’t help smiling when you see onions wearing tears. Such loveable items add much fun to the game.

In most cases, the goal is to reach the specified growth rate and collect the required resources in limited moves. To win, you have to do meticulous calculations and have a good observation of the interconnections between each move. You swap two items next to each other from the top down as well as from left to right or vice versa and if three items match in a line horizontally or vertically, they will disappear and more items will drop from the top. If you manage to make over three items match at a time, there will be a combo coming into being. If so, you’ll have a good chance to trigger several chain reactions. A large number of varied items will disappear in a short time. If you reach the goals with fewer moves than the specified, the hero mode will be launched. This mode features a more splendid look and increases your magic beans.

Farm Heroes Saga enables combination effects. Once you have matched three items, those next to them will have combination effects and will be indicated with numbers. Therefore, after several rounds of combination effects, some items may obtain a combination effect index of five. This makes it much easier to reach your goals. When there is no possible match-three, there will be automatic shuffling. As you reach level 10, you’ll confront Rancid the raccoon for the time. Instead of collecting resources, you are asked to match certain items to reduce Rancid’s health. When its health is reduced to zero within the limited moves, you win. By the way, when your target is Rancid, you can use magic beans to make the level less difficult to reach.

The first few levels may lead you to think that it’s only a piece of cake. As a matter of fact, the later levels feature more tricks. It asks you to collect more kinds of items with fewer moves. The board changes from a regular one to an irregular one. You may need to collect flowers when only flower buds are available. You have to make them blossom into full-size flowers by matching three besides them several times. Obviously, it will cost you more moves. When you find it’s too difficult to level up, it’s when the boosters come into use. The boosters are unlocked one by one as the game progresses. The first three you’ll get are a shovel, a tractor and a bonus rewarder. You’re allowed to use them for free several times every day. You have to pay if you want more. Every time you fail, you are offered two options: play on at the cost of nine gold bars or give up. You can retry as many times as you like if you have the lives.

Simple as it is, Farm Heroes Saga delivers infinite fun. It’s highly recommended to kill time with this intellectually challenging game.

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