Forge of Empires is celebrating its first birthday

Forge of Empires is celebrating its first birthday! To say thank you, they’ve planned a few things for you – as well as some awesome rewards for you to pick up.


An exclusive building

From May 8 – 21 Madame Fortuna will be visiting you with a whole range of new tasks for you. As always, they’ll be worth the effort, including an exclusive building for you to earn, which will never be available again.

Upgrades for your city

Every player who already has special buildings, such as the nutcracker, can upgrade some of the buildings to the current age. This opportunity won’t come around again any time soon, so keep an eye on your quests!

A glimpse behind the scenes

The fortune teller will also reveal some things about the past and the future. Extra quest rewards will show you what the Forge of Empires team has been up to, and what they’re currently up to – a sneak peek for the best players in the world!

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